Born in Gorinchem in The Netherlands in 1964 and moved to Sweden in februari 2012.  I am a, non-commercial, tireless and curious photographer and while I have a fairly broad range of subjects, my main passion is landscape photography. Because of a car accident in 1990 I became dependent on a wheelchair. Although this did not prevent me to continue with my photography, it changed the way I looked at things and the way I photographed. But whether I am photographing landscapes, people, animals or whatever has my interest at that moment, my common aim is always the same: “To capture the moment as I see it”. When I bought my first camera, a Mamiya ZE in 1980, I shot in color most of the time and occasionally bought a roll of black and white film. It was not that easy as it is now, where you can switch between color and black and white with the push of a button. After owning a lot of different cameras and different brands I eventually stayed with Canon for more then 20 years. At some moment I noticed I went out less and less with my cameras as I was not enjoying it as much as I was used to do. After asking myself what was happening and what was the real reason for this I came to the conclusion that it was not that I did not wanted to take pictures anymore but taking all the equipment with me was the problem. Ofcourse I could take 1 camera and 1 lens with me but since I really love landscape and nature photography I often need a little more, extra lenses, a tripod and some accessories like filters. Not to mention that it is also nice to have something to drink and eat with me. Changes had to be made, it was time to reduce the weight. Taking less with me was not an option so the idea came to switch to a mirrorless system. And here I am, got rid of all my Canon equipment and switched to the mirrorless Fuji X system and guess what, the joy in taking pictures is back.

A final note.
As I said above, I am not a commercial photographer and of course it is nice if someone is interested in one or more of my photos but that is not a freecard to download and use my photos without my permission. If you want to use one or more of my photos you can always contact me.

aboutEnjoying my other hobby, smoking a pipe.  And I am always looking for a tin of some nice McClelland pipe Tobacco 😉