Jun 282017

No way, I stick with my Fuji system. However, I bought myself a Canon camera again. Nothing special, just a Canon 760D. I do not need anything concerning the specs. I only needed a Canon body because I did buy myself a Canon MP-E 65mm lens. I´ve always been interested in macro (and beyond) photography and Canon is the only one that has a lens that gives a magnification from 1 to 5 times. Because everything is to be done manually I could have bought myself an adapter to use the lens on one of my fuji cameras. The reason I did not do that is because I also use a stackshot from Cognysis and they do not support the Fuji system (yet).Anyway, here are some first results that I made with this combo. I have to learn more because it is a very different kind of photography.
Not one of the insects was bigger then 10mm and the flower is a Lavandula angustifolia.