Jan 092017

Norway, a beautiful country where it is practically impossible to drive from one place to another without making a mountain crossing or riding on a ferry across a fjord. Norway has over 950 road tunnels with a total length of more then 800 km, the country also has at least 33 undersea tunnels. After I visited Tromsø about 2 years ago I was amazed by the tunnels below the city. The Tromsø Tunnel system was the biggest surprise during our visit of the City. While driving through the city you  will think that your navigationsystem is going crazy when it directs you to go below a house but when you finally get the courage to listen to your naviagtion you will enter the tunnel. Well, this was the first time in our lives that we took a wrong turn inside a tunnel 🙂 There are even a few traffic rundabouts in the tunnel.
When I got home I wanted to know more and when I was searching the internet I came across the Laerdaltunnel, connecting Oslo with Bergen by road. When I read that it also was the longest road tunnel in the world I wanted to visit it and take some photos of the special lights that are in the tunnel to make sure you are not getting too tired or not get any feelings of claustrofobia. 3 Of such spots are made in the 24,51 km long tunnel. It took 2 years before I made the trip and it was worth it.